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About the CEO

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

Founded in 2014, Livicon Co. Ltd., continues to overcome technical barriers and pioneer new markets for PDLC technology through continued R&D and bold investments.

Determined to our technology, we have successfully automated and commercialized PDLC film for automobiles not only in South Korea but also everywhere else around the globe. Livicon now leads the application of new PDLC technology in the automobile industry.

In today’s rapidly changing industrial market, we aim to satisfy our customers with our endless devotion to R&D and high-quality products that imbue our customers with a competitive economic advantage.

Thinking ahead and securing everything that Livicon needs for growth, we promise to become a leader in the PDLC film market.

We look forward to your continued interest and wish all of you the best.

Thank you.

CEO of Livicon Co. Ltd. Yoongyu Seo