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Advertisements and Screens

The transparency of the PDLCD film can be used to express images and graphic screens or to provide a projector screen effect as a medium for advertising. It can be applied regardless of the size of the products. Its flexibility ensures differentiated display effects, so its applications vary such as show windows, staging, outdoor advertising, and others. PDLCD technology–based advertisements and signs cause less eye fatigue than conventional LED advertising and can attract attention through new and uncommon techniques. In addition, it features a wide viewing angle, thus allowing for viewing from multiple angles in conjunction with clearer images.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Smart glass–applied windows can provide events, such as an open kitchen, or be used as a video screen. When business is closed, the inside view can be completely blocked by switching off the transparent mode of the smart glass systems to make the business remain closed until the next business day. Moreover, rear projection images can be displayed for dynamic brand advertising.

Construction cases

Classrooms and Lecture Rooms

Smart glass can easily control the tone settings and the inside/outside foreground in different situations including classes, lectures, and tests. The whole open view in a transparent state brightens up a learning environment and facilitates natural stimulation for students. In addition, it can replace blackout curtains, blinds, and screens, as well as modernize and simplify learning spaces for more optimal efficiency.

Construction cases

Window Display

The precise control of opacity, translucency, and transparency can create a dramatic display by instantly changing the dimensions of a window from two to three. The space of a shop can be used as a large video projection in an opaque state, while the inside can be seen when switched into a transparent state, which thus allows for dramatic visualization. As such, the smart glass is greatly broadening the realm of possibility for an innovative window display.

Construction cases