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The PDLCD film cuts off infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) raysand pursues energy-saving–based eco-friendly conditions
In addition, the PDLCD smart glass allows a building to create an optimal interior atmospherethrough light and temperature control.

Hotels and Resorts

Smart glass provides modern design and visibility through adjustment to a transparent–opaque state of windows. It also satisfies customers’ needs by regulating the transparency of the bathroom and shower panels or providing a complete shielding function to protect privacy.

Construction cases

Office Space

Smart glass can automatically adjust the amount of sunlight transmitted to internal spaces. Users who want manual control can also directly adjust it to the transparent, translucent, and opaque state. Its different options for transmittance control make it possible to turn a conference or meeting space into a general space or a space for a confidential meeting.

Construction cases

Living Space

For living spaces, smart glass can provide a panoramic view immediately in privacy mode. Windows, where curtains and blinds are difficult or impossible to install, can be replaced with smart glass for convenience and cleanliness. The smart glass systems allow users to be free from moisture-trapped, rust-prone, and damp and moldy environments.

Construction cases

Medical Institutions

The visibility control of the smart glass systems affords health-care professionals and patients a limited field of vision. This function is useful for medical examinations and counseling, and protects patients’ privacy and dignity. In addition, transmittance adjustment in patients’ rooms enhances their convenience.

Construction cases