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Livicon’s PDLCD film can be applied to glasses used for all transportation vehicles such as cars, trains, yachts, airplanes, and others. The PDLCD film can  easily and conveniently adjust the light transmittanceof various ranges, including an automotive sunroof, to create one’s personal space and improve openness to the outside.


The application of the PDLCD film to an automotive sunroof or roof can reduce sense of enclosure and adjust the amount of natural lighting depending on what the user wants. Recently, it has been applied to side car windows to protect privacy more effectively. These various features allow users to enjoy a comfortable and refreshing drive and travel.

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Other Modes of Transportation

PDLCD, which is used as fittings for cruise ships, airplanes, and more, can selectively transmit light, thereby providing users with an opportunity to experience pleasant travels. The users can utilize a single button without having to roll up shades, look out the window at shifting scenes while travelling, and control the degree of transmittance. This convenience has increased the application of PDLCD to transportation.

Construction cases