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As a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display (PDLCD) manufacturer and supplier, Livicon Co., Ltd. was founded on January 15, 2014, composed of personnel with at least 15 years of experience in PDLCD research and production.

At this moment, its key technical professionals, who have successfully commercialized the world’s first photocurable PDLCDs, are ceaselessly devoted to the development of innovative technology along with the excellent researchers of its R&D Center. Every effort is put into the production of high-quality products.
Its foundation is based on years of preparations. This means that its products are superior to those of its competitors in terms of quality, price, and reliability.
Livicon has devised and commercialized the world’s first photocuring-based roll-to-roll mass production facilities. Moreover, it has been recognized as the world’s best for its unique expertise in PDLCD through its long-time commitment to research and production

Based on the advantages mentioned above, Livicon will take a leap toward becoming a global top-notch PDLCD company that leads the PDLCD market.